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If you're here, then you probably want to know how to get abbs and to burn fat in stomach area, right? Then you're at the right place! As a certified personal trainer, many people have been asking me on regular basis one very common question: "how can i get flat and ripped abs fast?" Now, without speaking too much, let me explain how you can achieve your goals relatively quickly. First of all, in order to lose belly fat and get Six Pack Abs you MUST understand 5 crucial Facts!

1. All the common abs exercises that you know actually contribute the LEAST to your desirable ripped stomach. Moreover, abs exercises like sit-ups, crunches, and ab machines, in some cases, can even make your stomach bigger. Read comprehensive article about abb workouts which include 3 best abs exercises that are not direct abdominal exercises.

2. Typical low-intensity cardio workouts, according to recent studies, are one of the WORST methods to burn body fat. In fact, you're completely wasting your time by conducting such workouts if you wish to uncover your six pack abs. Read comprehensive article about recent studies that show that low-intensity aerobic exercises does not help you lose weight.

3. Never spend your money on useless "super fat burner" supplements or pills. They're not only useless but they also can harm your health! Instead of that, you'll discover the real power of using of natural foods which own fat burning properties. Read comprehensive article about 3 best foods for losing weight.

4. All the promoted  by fitness models ab belts, ab-loungers, ab-rockers, and other infomercial ab-gimmicks are a complete waste of your money and time.  I hope you don't really believe those fitness models got their ideal bodies through such abs devices. Despite the misleading infomercials, indeed, those models got their perfect body through REAL well-balanced nutrition and REAL heavy strength workouts.

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5. You actually have to make sure you avoid very common so-called "healthy foods" that you most likely have been consuming in your daily diet! They are cleverly disguised junk foods that can actually increase your belly fat! Don't believe all the so-called diet foods are actually diet. These giant food industries continues to lie to you in order to be able to maximize their profits.

You can read the entire, detailed Truth About Abs review here.

Here Is a Little Bit from My Personal Experience

I'm personally work out my abs maybe once a month! Yes, you heard correctly! Sometimes I don't work them directly (through actual abs exercises) for 2-3 months. Yes, yes it's truth! I do that because I now that in order for our abdominal muscles to visually appear as those so desirable six pack, you don't really need to work them either every day or every workout.

When I started my fitness career, I trained my abs every single workout. But I did not see any changes in abdominal muscles since I already had them visible (but I wanted to define them even more). I did not understand why every muscle in human body increases in size when you train it while the abdominal muscles stay the same. So I started reading a lot about this topic, took relevant courses and eventually I became a personal trainer. 

During this time I understood that having ripped abs is NOT a result of constantly performed direct abdominal exercises. This is worldwide misleading myth. Here is the truth: you don't have to perform neither abs exercises every single workout nor to perform "gezilion" repetitions when you actually train your abs if you want to get six pack!

For many of you guys it might sound weird but this is the real truth about how to get abbs. It's because every single person already has abdominal muscles but the REAL problem here is that most of the people have those muscles deep under their fat layer. I hope you understand what I'm trying to convey by saying that. I want you to understand that i'm not saying you don't have to work out your abdominal muscles! Not at all!

I'm just trying to switch your focus from constantly training your abs to more paying attention to your diet and weight lifting training! Well-balanced and timed diet plan in addition to properly structured and intensive strength training is the REAL key for flat, ripped and sexy abdominal muscles! Since I already had a killer mass gaining workout routine, I needed only some effective, healthy and fat burning diet.

Eventually I found such diet program! This is why I highly recommend to everyone who wants to NATURALLY decrease his or her fat percentage by learning what foods you should stop eating and which to include in your diet, to try Mike Geary's, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Specialist,  "The Truth About Six Pack Abs" program.

In his best seller, he is not only revealing the biggest mistakes most of the people around the world make by including certain fat-gaining foods in their daily nutrition but he also shows you exactly how to get abs fast and naturally.  Check out his video presentation about how to get 6 pack abs here.


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  1. I tried many programs that teach how to get abs but no one worked. First I thought that your program one of those as well, however, after about three weeks I started noticing changes in my body! I've been eating according to your diet plan and so far I lost one percent of body fat :) Amazing! It works

    • You’re welcome Len! To lose belly fat is an essential step to show off your abs. You’re in the right track, well done!