10 Foods High In Protein


If there is one thing that the body needs in abundance then it is proteins. This nutrient is made up of amino acids which are important for the development and growth of the human body. Some amount of amino acids is supplied by the body itself but this is not enough for our growth.

To ensure that the body gets sufficient amino acids we need to get protein from various foods, both vegetables and animal sources. The amino acids that the body gets from the proteins are broken down and stored for future use. It helps build up lean muscle mass and keeps them going strong.

Proteins are also essential to shed unwanted weight and maintain long term weight loss. Take a look at the top 10 foods high in protein and plan your meals around them.

List of top 10 foods high in protein:

1. Chicken – One of the easiest meats to cook and digest, chicken is available in multiple types and varieties and made into equally innumerable dishes. A 3.5 oz. of chicken will have 30 grams of protein while cooked meat of about 4 oz. has 35 grams. An average size chicken thigh will have 10 grams of protein while a drumstick has about 11 grams and wings 6 grams of protein.

2. Fish – Fish is the leanest non-vegetarian meat option and also the healthiest. A 6 oz. can of tuna has about 40 grams of protein. A 3 oz. size or portion of halibut, snapper, and salmon will have 22 grams of protein. Cooked fillets or steaks of this size will have about 100 grams of protein.

3. Turkey – This is known as the leanest meat and this one of the best protein sources. Each ounce of turkey packs about 7 grams of protein.

4. Milk – Milk ranks high in the list of top 10 foods high in protein. One cup of milk contains about 14 g of protein. If you opt for skimmed milk then one cup will yield 8g protein. Same with a cup of soymilk.

5. Eggs – This yummy and irresistible part of our daily diet packs a good deal of protein punch. One large egg yields 7 grams of protein. A smaller size would be about 6 grams.

6. Cheese – Thank God we can’t do without cheese. What can be a tastier protein fix. It comes in great many forms, each with its own pack of protein punch. Half a cup of cottage cheese will give you 15 grams of protein. Swiss or cheddar cheese yields about 8 grams per ounce, soft cheese like Brie, Mozzarella and Camembert yields 6 grams per ounce while hard cheese like parmesan gives about 10 grams per ounce.

7. Seeds and nuts – if you want your daily protein dose the healthiest way then opt for the best sources out of the 10 foods high in protein. Seeds and nuts and all their derivatives are excellent choices for a healthy way to live and eat. One fourth cup of almonds and peanuts will give you about 8 to 9 grams of protein while just 2 tablespoons of peanut butter will yield 8 grams.

One fourth cup of cashew has 5 grams of protein while pecans of the same weight yield 2.5 grams. ¼ cup of sunflower seeds has 6 grams while pumpkin and flax seeds of the same weight yield 8 grams of protein.

8. Yogurt – if you don’t like milk then you can add yogurt to your daily diet. A single cup will give you 12 grams of protein.

9. Beans – Beans and bean products are a must have in your daily diet chart. These are good for losing weight as well as for overall good health. Half a cup of cooked beans, be it lentils, pinto or black beans) will give you about 10 grams of protein while same amount of spilt peas will yield 8 grams. From half a cup of soy beans you will 14 grams of protein, while tofu will give you 20 grams from the same amount.

10. Pork – And for those who love the smell of bacon in the morning, adding pork to your daily diet will give you a considerable amount of protein. One slice of bacon has 3 grams of protein, a 3 ounce ham has 19 grams while the same amount of ground pork has about 22 grams when cooked. An average size pork chop has 22 grams of protein as well while a 3 oz. sirloin roast will yield about 23 grams of protein.

Check with your nutritionist about the recommended amount of protein needed by you, since it can differ for different body types. Once you know that choose the best combinations from the 10 foods high in protein listed above to create a balanced diet chart.
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