A Day on the Paleo Diet


The Paleo Diet is concerned with natural, healthy living. The goal of Paleo is to eat the foods our bodies were designed to eat, rather than pollute them with the processed and preservative-laden food of the modern world.

As a result, grains, dairy and legumes are eradicated from our diet in favour of fresh, organic, unprocessed produce in the form of meat, eggs, fish and vegetables.

This wonderful way of eating is undoubtedly good for you, but how is it achievable? Not everyone has access to their own farm, or even their own vegetable patch! Thankfully, our modern world has become increasingly obsessed with ‘clean’ food, that is to say organic: preservative and filler free.

This means the savvy shopper can easily acquire all they need at the local supermarket.

What next? How does all this fresh food translate into a feasible breakfast, lunch and dinner?


Eggs are probably the most thought of Paleo breakfast food for those following the Paleo Diet. Scrambled, fried or even made into an omelette, eggs are an excellent way to start any day. Protein in the form of breakfast sausages or bacon (always organic) makes a delicious yet amazingly healthy mealtime.

You can even consider Paleo porridge! Especially when first starting the Paleo Diet, a more traditional type of breakfast can help add familiarity as well as variety. It is possible to find gluten-free porridge, or even make one yourself using almond and flax meal with some fresh fruit thrown in.


Fresh fish or organic meat makes a great lunchtime feast teamed with chopped vegetables. Even a packed lunch is easy with Paleo, just add some cooked chicken (diced) or even a few chicken drumsticks alongside some chopped cucumber and peppers.


Practically any dinner dish you can think of can be made Paleo-friendly – just ensure all meat is organic and replace the starchy carbohydrates with some healthy alternatives such as sweet potato fries, squash or avocado!

Once you make the transition to the Paleo Diet, the choices are endless. Avoiding the grains, legumes and dairy that clogs our systems in favour of a healthy, more natural diet leads to better skin, better functionality, and an overall happier you!

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