Egg Yolk Nutrition Myths: Is Egg Yolk Bad for You?

Egg Yolk Nutrition Myths


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When it comes to nutrition, the majority of people are confused. After all, there is so much misleading information about it in general and about egg yolk nutrition in particular. Some folks could be doing more harm than good to themselves. For instance, many folks are under the assumption that the egg yolk is the one part of it. However, it’s the yolk that is the healthiest part of egg.

Egg Yolk Nutrition Facts

When you throw away the egg yolk and consume just the egg whites, you’re actually tossing out the most antioxidant-rich, nutrient dense, mineral and vitamin part of the egg. The yolk is loaded with vitamin A, vitamins B, lutein, folate, trace minerals and important nutrients. There is so many of them that it’s hard to name them all. Believe it or not, egg whites have very little compared to the benefits of egg yolk.

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The protein found in the egg whites needs the amino acids in the yolks to be more potent and bio-available. Bear in mind that the egg yolks that come from the free range chickens are inundated with healthy omega-3 fatty acids.Egg yolks have over 90 percent iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, folate, thiamin, panthothenic acid, B6 and B12 as well as the following vitamins:nutrients in egg yolk

  • A
  • D
  • E
  • K
  • Important fatty acids

The Fallacy Of Egg Yolk Nutrition

Of course, most folks worry that the nutritious egg yolks will cause their cholesterol level to increase sharply. However, it’s a fallacy and here is why:

1.  When you consume food that has an extraordinary volume of dietary cholesterol (like eggs), the body will reduce its internal cholesterol production to keep things balanced.  Without enough cholesterol consumed, the body will generate more. After all, cholesterol is very important to several bodily functions.

2.  According to several recent studies, consume whole eggs can actually increase the body’s good (HDL) cholesterol levels than its bad cholesterol (LDL) cholesterol. Thus, it can boost your blood chemistry and cholesterol ratio.

3. It’s important to remember that high cholesterol is never a disease. Heart disease is actually a disease. Cholesterol is considered a significant substance within the body and is important to a variety of functions.  How many times have you heard from drug companies that you must reduce your cholesterol levels? It’s really not true!

Besides all these things, yolks also have a variety of antioxidants such as antioxidant lutein. These guard you from bodily inflammation; another reason that yolks are really good for you…despite what you may have heard!

Need more proof that egg yolks with its whites are healthier for you than just eating the egg whites alone? According to a recent study from the University of Connecticut, a group of men consumed three eggs every day for 12 weeks while reducing their carb intake and increasing their fat intake. What happened was that these men boosted their HDL levels (good cholesterol) by 20 percent. Their LDL (or bad cholesterol) remained the same throughout the study.

The group who consumed egg whites (or egg substitutes) did not have any changes whatsoever and they saw no improvement with their good cholesterol. Keep in mind that the higher the HDL levels, the lower your risk for heart disease. As you see, whole eggs are not near as bad as you once thought they were. In fact, they’re much better for you than egg whites.

Egg Yolk Calories: Is It Really Bad?

What about the additional calories that comes from the yolks? Really, this isn’t something you should concern yourself with. Yes, egg yolks have more calories than egg whites; but, they also have a high micro-nutrient density in the calories. This can help increase the body’s total nutrient density for every calorie you eat.

Basically, this helps regulate the body’s appetite for the rest of the day, which means you end up consuming less overall calories. Besides that, the egg yolks’ healthy fats assist in preserving a high level of fat-burning hormones. What does it all mean? It means the additional healthy fats and calories that the yolk contains is no nutrient-dense is actually helps you in eliminating body fat.

Mass Factory Farming vs. Organic Free Range Eggs: What Is Better

So, should you use organic free range eggs or supermarket eggs that come from mass factory farming? Well, the truth is that organic eggs from healthy chickens are much better nutritionally, as the chickens have a more natural diet. The typical grocery stores eggs most folks buy have reduced nutrient levels and are higher in Omega-6 and lower in Omega-3.

The eggs of the healthy chickens are better because they have higher mineral and vitamin levels and have a balanced Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acid ratio. The chickens that produce these eggs eat natural feed and walk around freely. Why not check out the differences in these eggs for yourself?

Go to a local farm and check out their eggs: what you’ll see is that the eggs have a thick shell with a deep orange-colored yolk, which means it’s got higher nutrition levels and carotenoids. However, the grocery store eggs have pale yellow yolks with skinny feeble shells. What’s the reason for the differences?

The free-roaming chickens can roam the land, eating whatever they want –worms, insects, grass, greens – all of which give the highly nutrient levels compared to those chickens that stay in factory farm hen house, usually in terrible conditions and are only fed soy and corn. No doubt, this is a serious difference in nutrition levels.

The next time you speak with a health or fitness professional and they say white eggs are much better, you can just ignore their advice because you actually know the truth now.  There’s no reason to order a four-egg white omelet. If you really want the benefits of eggs, you need to eat the ones with yolks. Think about it: did people of the past use egg whites only? Nope, they ate the egg yolks also. They knew how beneficial the egg yolk nutrition was to the human body. Today’s society has been given wrong information regarding cholesterol and fats.

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